Vogel Tube Bending possesses a modern and unique range of machines comprising nine CNC mandrel bending machines. These bending machines have a bending capacity from Ø4mm to Ø168.3mm and can bend almost any wall thickness up to a maximum resistance moment of Wb 140 cm3. Five of these machines are equipped with Multi-Radius so that we are able to bend multiple bend radii in one product with a single setup. Another advantage of Multi-Radius is that, by means of shape-clamping, bending can proceed from bend to bend without straights in between. In this way, expensive processes like welding may not be necessary. A number of our machines feature Transport-Boost technology using which we can bend small bend radii down to 1xD by pressing on the tube or section. We also have a unique machine in which all bending techniques are integrated. This machine features Multi-Radius, Transport-Boost, Free-form Bending and the left-hand and right-hand bending of tube or section in a single setup, using which the most intricate geometries may be bent. We bend all ferrous and non-ferrous materials that permit themselves to be bent with high accuracy and into almost any desired shape. We bend metals such as: steel, stainless steel, duplex, aluminium, copper, brass, titanium and cunifer. We bend not only round tubes and rods but also standard and customer-specific profiles such as: Square and rectangular hollow sections, oval and elliptical sections, HOP sections, cabin sections, flat steel, angle iron, U-sections and customer-specific extruded profiles.Under Products you can find examples of bent and rolled products. Ask about our possibilities – we will be glad to advise you.

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