Vogel Tube Bending has more than 60 years’ experience in the bending, rolling, processing and assembly of tube and sections and thus much experience with and knowledge of the production techniques to be applied and the tools that are needed in this. We at Vogel Tube Bending design, develop and make our own tools. Our Engineering department together with the APQP team translates customer-specific requirements into tools, such as: bending tools, welding and soldering fixtures, fitting and inspection jigs, punching, rolling and pipe end processing tools etc. Vogel Tube Bending possesses modern CAD-CAM software with which the design can be translated into production files for our CNC machining centre. The use of a CAD-CAM system yields many advantages. Errors in the programming of the production machines are reduced so that these are used more efficiently. Production files are transferred digitally so that programming on the machine is no longer needed. Also, modifications with regard to the shape and design of the products can be carried out more quickly and simply. Last-minute changes can thus be implemented very easily. Over the years, Vogel Tube Bending has built up an extensive tool collection. So you as customer do not need to invest in expensive tools. Ask about our possibilities – we will be glad to advise you.

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